Embracing the Fragrance of Eid: A Celebration of Scent and Spirit

Embracing the Fragrance of Eid: A Celebration of Scent and Spirit

Apr 10 , 2024

SG Perfumes

Eid is just around the corner. It is a festival celebrated as the holy month of Ramadan ends. After the long month of fasting, prayer, and reflection ends for Muslims worldwide, the festive holiday begins after the sighting of the new moon on Chand Raat. The air is filled with joy and a special kind of excitement. Eid is a time to embrace tradition and spirituality and come together as a community. Let's explore the essence of Eid and the significance of its fragrances. 

Amber Al Oudh: It is a fragrance that reveals its secrets layer by layer, taking you on a sensual journey. It all starts with a burst of aromatic and citrusy notes, teasing your senses with a lively and zesty introduction. As the fragrance develops, a luxurious mix of floral scents blossoms, mingling with the smooth touch of honey and the gentle hint of rose petals, creating a rich harmony of luxury. And then comes the deep and warm blend of amber and woody undertones. It wraps you in a sensual hug and lingers on your skin, leaving behind a captivating trail of mystery. This Arabic attar is perfect for those who appreciate the exotic and seductive scent, making it a cherished addition to any fragrance collection. 

Oudh Shams: It is a fragrance that perfectly captures the essence of a sunny day. It starts with a burst of zesty citrus, sweet peach, and refreshing lemon that instantly lift your spirits. Then, a beautiful blend of iris, rosemary, and chamomile blooms, creating a lovely symphony of nature's best scents. Then, a warm and sensual base of wood, tobacco, and patchouli adds a touch of mystery to the mix. Oudh Shams is like a ray of sunshine, filling the air with its radiant presence and wrapping you in a halo of irresistible charm. 

Oudh Narkoman: It is a fragrance that will enchant your senses with its blend of warmth, spice, and decadence. It all starts with a seductive mix of vanilla, tobacco, and sweet whispers that will draw you in and make you want to give in to its temptation. As the scent develops, you will be surrounded by a combination of warm spices, ripe fruits, and the inviting aroma of cacao, creating a blend that will leave you wanting more. The base of this fragrance is woody and powdery, leaving a lingering trail of depth on your skin. It is an experience that will tantalize your senses and spark your imagination. 

Samet Musk: This fragrance is like a treasure in a bottle, starting with a burst of citrus that wakes your senses. Then, it transforms into a beautiful mix of floral scents that wrap you in a delicate yet strong embrace. The real star of the show is the musk, which adds a sexy and irresistible vibe that sticks around all day long. This long-lasting attar can take you from morning to night without missing a beat. It is a must-have for anyone who loves collecting unique scents. This attar is a work of art that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who gives in to its charm. 

Ghazal: This fragrance captures natural beauty and has sensual charm. It starts with a burst of zesty bergamot, tangy mandarin orange, and an invigorating lemon, creating a refreshing introduction that wakes your senses with its citrusy brightness. As the fragrance develops, a delicate bouquet unfolds, showcasing the lovely charm of lily-of-the-valley mixed with the sweet essence of raspberry, jasmine's scent, and freesia's graceful touch. This creates a harmonious floral blend that captures the heart. To complete this scent masterpiece, a sensual base of velvety musk and sandalwood's warm, woody notes linger, leaving a trail of depth and mystery behind. Ghazal Attar celebrates the beauty of nature's best offerings, expertly blended to create an enchanting scent experience. 

Hawas: It blends vibrant fruits, refreshing citrus, and aquatic accords. It starts with a burst of juicy fruit notes mingling with zesty citrus and a refreshing aquatic breeze, creating a lively and energizing introduction. As the fragrance develops, a warm and sensual embrace takes over, with spicy notes mixing with luxurious amber and subtle animalistic tones, creating a rich and deep symphony of scents. It also leads a lasting trail of sweet, musky, and woody notes, ensuring a captivating presence that lingers on your skin, leaving behind an unforgettable aura of scent. Hawas attar is a fragrance that will seduce your senses with its harmonious blend of vibrant, warm, and sensual accords, inviting you to surrender to its captivating charm. 

Oudh Aqua: This masterpiece of Oudh, bergamot, saffron, and velvety roses reveals the majesty of deeply resinous oudh. A harmonic blend of classic Middle Eastern components, including warm vanilla and sandalwood, creates a timeless fragrance. This smell exemplifies regality and refinement. With exceptional longevity, it entices those seeking Arabian elegance, a true masterpiece on a sensory voyage through the heart of Middle Eastern perfumery. 

Opan: This fragrance skillfully combines aromatic notes to create a bold and sophisticated olfactory masterpiece. It begins with a lively introduction of the zesty brightness of bergamot, the herbal scent of lavender, and the refreshing tang of Amalfi lemon blend to provide a refreshing and invigorating start that awakens the senses. As the fragrance develops, a heart of sage and thyme emerges, infusing the scent with a warm, earthy aroma that transports you to a Mediterranean garden. In the end, patchouli, the smoky appeal of tobacco, and the deep earthiness of vetiver leave behind a long-lasting and unforgettable trail of complexity.


The scent of Eid is more than just a pleasant smell; it captures the essence of renewal, devotion, and community that make this special occasion so meaningful. From the traditional fragrances handed down through the years to the sweet perfumes of attar, each scent serves as a reminder of our spiritual journey during Ramadan and the joyous celebration of Eid al-Fitr.